24 небольших городка: слишком хороши, чтобы быть реальностью :(

По всему миру раскидано сотни, если не тысячи разнообразных небольших городишек, которые не особенно известны, но способны влюбить в себя с первого взгляда. Опытные туристы
скорее всего наслышаны о них, а может даже уже успели посетить. Но те, кто редко путешествует предпочитают популярные маршруты.

Наша сегодняшная подборка идеально подойдет для тех, кто желает посмотреть мир, но не очень-то рвется посетить популярные среди туристов места. Хотя и некоторые поселения
в нашем списке числится, как туристические центры. Но небольшой городок — это всё же совсем не то, что огромный мегаполис.

Дажай, Китай

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Longji rice terrace near Ping'An, in China. After a harrowing 12-hour train ride from Zhangjiajie, and then taking the cab to another train station for another 150 km train ride, I finally reached Guilin. Here, I rented a car (with driver) to take me for another 3.5-hour bumpy ride over mountainous roads to the village of Ping'An. This place was inaccessible to all but only the locals just over a decade ago, but the roads have since been paved, and tourists have steadily begun to pour in. My visit to this remote corner had to do with viewing those serene rice terraces and the austere lives led by the minority people who live here. No easy feat that, since no roads connect for the last hour of uphill walk, but the scenery was certainly worth it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #natgeo ​#CNNTravel #bbctravel #sunrise #sunset #america #asia #china #beijing #longji #riceterrace #chinabachcha #scenicroad #travelphotography #dazhai #instagood #instafollow #lonelyplanet #photooftheday #nationalpark #pingan #yourshotphotographer #usa #selfie #beach #drone #dronestagram

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#TBT to 9 years ago when I was here, in the midst of what they call the “Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces.” I learned two very important lessons during my two night adventure in the incredible rice terraces: -Pack light! I know it sounds obvious, but I thought I knew what that meant. Then I got off the bus to find that I had to climb a mountain to get to the town I was staying in with all my stuff. And my backpack weighed a whopping 50 lbs (22.6 kg) and I thought I was going to die! There was this French Canadian guy just trotting up the mountain with a tiny little bag and I thought, “I need to learn how to become that guy.” And I did. Nowadays I travel with about 25 lbs of gear (11.3 kg). -The second lesson was the importance of smart packing. These houses in the mountains had no insulation and only a thin blanket and I was FREEZING at night, wearing every article of clothing I brought with me to bed. It was then and there that in my misery, I changed my plans and booked a 16-hour train trip across southern China to Kunming, before heading south into Laos. Some things never chance. I’m still quite reactive to climate! Taken on March 5, 2010

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Дамюльс, Австрия

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24 небольших городка: слишком хороши, чтобы быть реальностью :(
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